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RaviBhavnani Show AbstractDecision Making Dynamics in Closed Political Regimes 424 0 15-09-2010 09:59:13
Exploratory models of political decision in closed regimes can permit examination of how members of a closed regime might behave under a variety of assumptions, while stopping short of offering precise and detailed forecasts of how they will act given a particular set of circumstances.
VirginiaDignum Show AbstractAgent based social simulation as tool for sustainable development 487 0 10-05-2010 19:14:01
Social simulation to support sustainable development should enable different levels of reasoning and aggregation
PietroDTerna Show AbstractData driven agent-based simulation 650 0 08-04-2010 10:33:48
Data driven agent-based simulation of social systems: adding actual data to agents, using supercomputing capabilities or grid capabilities
ArneTraulsen Show AbstractIs a unification of the models of human nature possible? 474 0 12-01-2010 20:35:17
Different disciplines have their own model of the nature of human behavior. These different models are partly contradicting each other. Most social simulations are based on such underlying models, so they are not necessarily relevant from the perspective of social scientists from a different discipline.
DavidSumpter Show AbstractFrom animals to humans. 638 36 27-11-2009 13:24:44
Here I emphasize some of the progress made on exactly these types of problems in collective animal behaviour. This is rather blatant propoganda for my own research field, but I think that in applications to understanding human societies a lot can be learned from how we have understood animal groups over the past 20 years.

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