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The White Papers are already available for download. A sincere thanks to all of you who contributed to the project.
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Envisioning a Socio Economic Knowledge Collider

State of the art
More and more often social systems feature crises leading to unstable and dangerous situations that are characterized by abrupt and large-scale changes. Such disruptions are very hard to predict with any precision and even harder to control. The reasons behind the recent failures must be pursued in the intrinsic inadequacy of the currently established theories in social sciences and moreover in the inefficacy of both the tools and the mechanisms for shaping new underlying assumptions capable to push forward a more rapid and more effective innovation process.

The Vision
Visioneer is a European project aiming to reach a better, quantitative understanding of complex socio-economic systems. The final purpose is developing the concept of a Social Knowledge Collider, thereby creating optimal conditions to unleash the potential of real multi-disciplinary projects involving social scientist, economists, computer scientists, physicists, biologists, system scientists, and engineers whose complementary special knowledge would collide and create new kinds of concepts, as particle supercolliders create new kinds of particles.

Project Results
Visit the page of the project results and download the White Papers.

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Important: The White Papers have been already produced and they are currently being reviewed. You can still upload your ideas to the wiki, although they can no longer be included in the White Papers.

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Think Tank Bibliography

Here you can find a collection of documents, papers, and articles covering several topics more or less related with the project scope and therefore useful to stimulate the discussion. You are very welcome and strongly encouraged to actively participate in the Think Tank Wiki, which will create the basis for the development of a visionary research program of the EU in ICT-related complexity research. The ultimate goal would be the foundation of a flagship program addressing the socio-economic challenges of the future.
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