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SteveWallis Show AbstractEffective and Useful Social Theory Accelerator 480 0 23-09-2010 21:44:38
Our many social problems may be traced to one root cause--our lack of effective social theory to resolve them. Today, theory is advancing slowly--we cannot wait. We need to accelerate the advancement of social theory to save our planet. Recent innovations in "theory of theory" suggest rigorous, objective, methods to integrate, advance, and validate social theory. With carefully focussed effort, we could accomplish a revolution in the soical sciences in decades instead of centuries.
MagdaSchiegl Show AbstractCommunication and quality, computing and modeling 446 0 27-05-2010 17:08:22
Communication and quality, computing and modeling
AndreaScharnhorst Show AbstractScientific journeys of researchers: Best ways to shape the scientific landscape 433 0 19-01-2010 09:36:02
Imagine we can give maps to individual researchers to orient during their travel in the academic system and to give them a set of possible 'survival strategies' which are of more than anecdotal evidence only. Imagine we also have monitoring tools to help the sciences on a system level to create circumstances under which 'optimal individual trajectories and optimal combination of individual trajectories' take place.
AndrasLorincz Show AbstractA2SOC innovation communities with an example for education 497 0 10-01-2010 10:23:49
Innovation may have secrets at least for a limited time. On the other hand, production often needs quality assurance and has its special responsibilities. Novel methods are needed to select and expand the original ideas and to accelerate production and to find the customers. The concept is an abstract one and applications have a broad range. Two examples, among many others, are (1) patenting and (2) personalization of educational materials.
StefanoBalietti Show AbstractThe Publication Revolution 549 0 07-01-2010 10:48:19
How important is the capacity to innovate fast and towards a real progress of the discipline for the greater benefit of society? A brief introduction to Withworth's article "Reinventing Academic Publishing Online".

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