Project Challenges

4 tangible objectives shall be targeted:

  1. The creation of large-scale socio-economic data mining centers for crisis forecasting.
  2. The development of social simulation supercomputer centers with the aim of facilitating an integrative socio-economic systems design.
  3. The build-up of an innovation accelerator.
  4. The identification of grand challenges to be addressed at the interface between ICT and the socio-economic sciences.


For realize these objectives, a variety of methods will be utilized:
  • Bibliometric analysis,
  • Snowball sampling of inputs, starting from a list of leading experts,
  • E-mail and/or web-based calls for contributions,
  • Establishment of discussion groups/forums,
  • Small workshops and meetings,
  • Phone, video or skype conferences with single and multiple partners,
  • Short-term visits of leading experts to jointly elaborate part of the reports

Final Reports

The final reports will be presented to the EU Commission, specifically the Directorate for Information Society and Media. The deadlines for contributions are listed in the calendar.

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