NameNum.Challenge InvolvedExpected DateStatus
Identification of leading computational social scientistsM-1C-1Jan 2010Done
Identification of leading social simulations expertsM-2C-2Jan 2010Done
Identification of leading Web-2.0-like science and innovation platform creatorsM-3C-3Jan 2010Done
Identification of a preliminary list of challengesM-4C-4Feb 2010Done
Deliverable NameChallengeDissemination LevelDelivery DateDeadline for contribution
WP-1: Recommendations report (white paper) regarding ICT-based strategies to establish socio-economic data-mining and crisis forecasting capacities.C-1publicJun 2010Apr 25, 2010 (EXTENDED)
WP-2: Recommendations report (white paper) regarding the creation of ICT-based social simulation and integrative systems design capacitiesC-2publicJul 2010May 25, 2010 (EXTENDED)
WP-3: Recommendations report (white paper) regarding ICT-based strategies to accelerate innovationC-3publicAug 2010Jun 25, 2010 (EXTENDED)
WP-4: Recommendation report (white paper) regarding fundamental challenges to be addressed in the futureC-4publicSep 2010Jan 15, 2010

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