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  • 01/12/09 Economic Networks: The New Challenges, by Frank Schweitzer, Giorgio Fagiolo, Didier Sornette, Fernando Vega-Redondo, Alessandro Vespignani, and Douglas R. White, Science Vol. 325. no. 5939, pp. 422 - 425.


  • 05/12/09 That 1937 Feeling Krugman outlines a smart comparison between the current economic situation and the aftermath of the Big Depression.
  • 05/12/09 Harsh lessons we may need to learn again Stiglitz draws out some lessons from the crisis.
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  • VISIONEER on Nature

    Adaptive Governments and Organizations

    • Gershenson, C. (2008). Towards Self-Organizing Bureaucracies, International Journal of Public Information Systems, 2008(1):1-24.
    • Helbing, D. (2009). Systemic Risks in Society and Economics.
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    • Rodriguez, M.A., Watkins, J.H., “Revisiting the Age of Enlightenment from a Collective Decision Making Systems Perspective,” First Monday, volume 14, number 8, ISSN:1396-0466, LA-UR-09-00324, University of Illinois at Chicago Library, August 2009.

    From social data-mining to forecasting socio-economic crises

    Mining Web Sites Examples

    How to create a knowledge accelerator



    • LiquidPub A paradigm shifting in the way scientific knowledge is created, disseminated, evaluated and maintained.
    • Living Science A real time global science observatory based on publications submitted to
    • Mendeley Academic software for bibliography creation and research paper management.
    • QLectives Combining Social networks, Peer production, and Peer-to-Peer systems together to build up Quality Collectives


    • EtherPad Web-based word processor that allows people to work together in "really real-time".
    • Mollify An intuitive web file-system manager. Requires installation.
    • Bazaar The last frontier of collaborative projects files repository.
    • Scribd Online Documents repository.



    Grand Challenges

    • 30/12/09 Time of Tests This is a tough time to be a decision-maker. By Tony Blair

    Copying With Crisis in Complex Socio-Economic Systems

    The Competence Center Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems (CCSS) aims at coordinating collaborative research on non-equilibrium processes in selected problem areas, for example:
    • crises in financial markets
    • crises in societal infrastructure
    • crises involving political violence

    Other Initiatives

    • ASSYST Complexity
    • PlatonPlus
    • Eurosis
    • PLATON+ is an EU-funded dissemination project with two aims:
      - to "translate", interpret and disseminate actual research findings from the Socio-economic Sciences or Humanities disciplines for the benefit of stakeholders from the policy making or business world

      -to facilitate the building of interdisciplinary research teams in order to support the participation of SSH researchers in other scientific areas' projects.

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