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Visioneer is a European support action within the framework of the FP7 (7th Framework Programme). It wants to spread the concept and create the conditions to fulfill the Vision of a Social Knowledge Collider. That is a close network of scientists coming from different disciplines collaborating tightly to produce really inter-disciplinary research. New powerful ICT-based solutions shall provide the necessary support for such a social science community.

Structure of the project

Visioneer is built up around four project challenges, which will try identify and address the shortcomings in current Socio-Economic Research. The topics will range from establishing international research centers with particular social data-mining capabilities, to identifying future Grand Challenges in the social sciences in the next years.
For each of the four project challenges, a white paper which will be produced, which will be evaluated by EU program officers and, most likely, national research foundations (incl. the NFS) and the OECD Global Science Forum.

Results and Impact

The four white papers will be delivered to the European Commission, whose decision-makers are expected to transform the sets recommendations in ways what will shape the future of the Socio-Economic Sciences in the next years.

Press the button and turn on the accelerator

Visioneer is an extremely powerful tool to mould our hopes into concrete proposals and at the same time it is an exclusive channel and unique chance to bring them up to the ear of influent decision makers. The cost of missing this opportunity is simply too high. This is why it is utterly important to join the discussion in advance of the deadlines and to contribute with your personal ideas, suggestions and comments through the Wiki this site provides.

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